Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday card!

I struggle with cards.  Sometimes I have good ideas but mostly they're just okay.  This one turned out pretty well, I think.

I recently got addicted to Copic markers (thanks in no small part to my friend Shirley!), so when I received my first order - the Manga set #1, a set of 24 markers in a nice rainbow of colors, an excellent introductory set - of course I HAD to use them!  My friend Henri's birthday was the perfect opportunity.

These flowers are from Tiffany Doodles.  I love her images - they're either photographic derivations or very crisp, simple drawings - all perfect for coloring.  This flower is one of my favorites, her Velvet Flower, and she actually offers it as a freebie!

Copics used (from top in clockwise order) are BV02, BV08, Y08, YR02 ... RV25, R43, RV29, YR02 ... R43, YR02, YR07 ... Y08, Y17, YR07, YR02, E37 ... BV08, BV02, YR02.  I also used some Bubbles Glimmer Mist on three of the flowers.  They all curl up slightly from the center, partly because of the Glimmer Mist and partly because I helped shape them a bit.  I like the dimensionality a lot - I just hope they didn't get too flattened in the mail!

The sentiment is printed on eggshell vellum, font is Clementine Sketch.  Polka-dot paper is a quarter of a piece of shaped patterned paper, edged with a scalloped blade and a little silvery ink smudged on the edge.  The flowers are all glued down just behind the center of each, using Zip Dry, and the sentiment is glued down just behind the center of that small flower so you can't see the glue and it doesn't interfere with the ghosty quality of vellum, which I love.

I just ordered 29 more Copics and I can't wait to color more!!


Tiffany said...

What a pretty card!! I love how you used multiple flowers and made them all look different!! Nice job!!

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