Saturday, July 31, 2010

Copic storage!

Most popular storage solutions for Copics consist of using small buckets or cubbies, but what really bothers me about this is that it's not organized - each compartment is just a jumble of markers.  I'm crazy enough to need all my markers arranged in precise order.  (Yes, I have to have my box of 64 crayons arranged nicely, too.)  The plastic boxes from Copic look okay, but I just didn't feel like spending money on them.  I don't travel with my markers or go to crops, so an open container is fine as long as it fits inside my storage closet.  But I am very short on space so I need a container that doesn't take up much more space than what it's holding.

After much browsing of blogs I discovered a great solution on Cricut This!  I love the simplicity of it and the flexibility.  I have a Gazelle and not a Cricut, but the Funtime software comes with a box pattern very similar to the one Etha used from the "Tags, Bags, Boxes & More" cart.  Just needed a few trial runs to adjust the individual box to fit exactly 4 Sketch markers, and I am in business!

I glued 8 individual boxes together to form each row.  The container is a faux-leather CD holder from Ikea; it will hold 4 of these rows for a total of 128 markers, with enough extra room for some ink refills or even another half-row of 16 more markers.

Obviously I have some room to grow right now, but Copic addiction being what it is I will ultimately need two of these boxes - or a new solution altogether at that point.

Now to start coloring!


Catalina said...

Wow that's a great idea! I think I will do this and not to buy a color cubbie... :( I don't have so many copics to fulfill one of them! xoxo :D

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